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Analyzers and Translators:

Increase Productivity

CM-3000 Digital Color Analyzer
CM-4000 Digital Color Translator/Analyzer

** Please note: All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Digital Color Analyzer CM-3000Digital Color Analyzer CM-3000 (Cat.# 2025)

Fastest Color Correction and Exposure Measurement

Takes the Guesswork Out of Color Enlarging, Lowers Costs, and Speeds Up Production:
Twenty-Four User-Set Program Capacity for Paper Emulsions and Film Types
Fast and Easy to Operate
Simple Push-Buttons Controls
Sensitivity Range from Billfold to Big Enlargements

ONLY $2,995.00

The new Compumaster CM-3000 analyzer brings the age of simplified computer-assisted color and exposure analysis to any darkroom. Illuminated digital display of the filter pack and exposure time provides instantaneous answers. Low profile fiber optic sensor assures accurate readings at all magnifications.

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Digital Color Analyzer/Translator CM-4000Digital Color Translator/Analyzer CM-4000 (Cat.# 2027)

Video Analyzer Compatible Or "Stand Alone"

CM-4000 Provides Unlimited Flexibility and Handles Any Variety of Work:
Library of 48 Film Type Programs, Each with up to 9 Memories for Different Papers
Built-In Repeat Print Counter/Timer and Electronic Easel Interface Capability
Sensitivity Range from Billfold to Big Enlargements

ONLY $3,995.00

The Compumaster CM-4000 translator/analyzer is designed to provide professional quality results with minimal material waste. Used as a direct video translator, color and exposure analyzer, or a photometer, its simultaneous digital readings and a simple push-button keyboard make it an unbeatable combination. Available with remote display for use with horizontal enlargers.

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