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ESECO Compucolor  PRO-45 Computerized Dichroic Auto-Analyzing Retrofit LamphousePRO-45

ESECO Compucolor® PRO-45 Computerized Dichroic Auto-Analyzing Retrofit Lamphouse for 4"×5" (9cm×12cm) enlargers: the fastest way to automate the darkroom. With the latest dichroic light source, lamp saver circuit, and electronic shutter, it assures exact exposures. The quartz halogen lamp and efficient light conditioning make printing quick and easy. Training your darkroom technician is a breeze. Enlargement enhancements with dodging, burning, and other custom printing techniques remain unchanged from your present methods. No confusing re-calibration is necessary. When Compucolor® PRO-45 is used as an Automatic Analyzing Enlarger, the filter settings and exposure are automatic. As a Translator, the Compucolor® PRO-45 with pre-analyzed negatives, the filters are set automatically--no fumbling with filter dials or old translator knobs. Includes video training guide.


Iff Duogon (Cat.# 3047-Q)
Iff Eurogon (Cat.# 3047-R)
Omega D-5 XL (Cat.# 3047-S)
Omega D5500 (Cat.# 3047-T)
Beseler 45MX (Cat.# 3047-V)
Beseler 45V XL (Cat.# 3047-W)
DeVere 504 (Cat.# 3047-X)
Durst L1200 (Cat.# 3047-Y)
Durst L1000 (Cat.# 3047-Z)

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The Compucolor® AF-45 automatic enlarging system eliminates time consuming manual focusing. Satisfying every professional's need, this user friendly enlarging system combines custom enlarger flexibility with printer productivity. The Compucolor®'s job storage feature records the color filtration, size, exposure times, and other key job information. Jobs can be stored and randomly recalled through the operating keyboard. The Compucolor® AF-45 also has automatic sizing for magnification or print size.

Wall-Mounted (Cat.# 3041-A)
on Baseboard (Cat.# 3041-D)
on Small Drop Table:(Cat.# 3041-C)
31"D×38"W×27"H (78.7cmD×96.5cmW×68.6cmH)
on Medium Drop Table:(Cat.# 3041-B)
37"D×44"W×27"H (94cmD×111.8cmW×68.6cmH)
on Large Drop Table:(Cat.# 3041-E)
43"D×51"W×37"H (109.2cmD×129.5cmW×94cmH)

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The Compucolor® SA-45 (Super Auto 4"×5") enlarging system has the flexibility to handle negatives up to 4"×5" (9cm×12cm) with unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. The smooth counter-balance mechanism allows fast and effortless movement of the enlarger head for print sizing. The conveniently placed rack and pinion lens focusing is quick and positive, regardless of which of the three lenses is being used. The comprehensive electronic precision of the Compucolor® Super Auto enlarging system automatically computes filtration settings and exposures. In addition to that, it also compensates for the degree of magnification.


Wall-Mounted (Cat.# 3015-A)
on Baseboard (Cat.# 3015-D)
on Small Drop Table:(Cat.# 3015-C)
31"D×38"W×27"H (78.7cmD×96.5cmW×68.6cmH)
on Medium Drop Table:(Cat.# 3015-B)
37"D×44"W×27"H (94cmD×111.8cmW×68.6cmH)
on Large Drop Table:(Cat.# 3015-E)
43"D×51"W×37"H (109.2cmD×129.5cmW×94cmH)

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