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Medical Densitometers and
QC Equipment

Radiology and Mammography
Film Process Monitoring - Quality Control

SM-10T B&W Densitometer
SM-10TCI B&W Densitometer with RS-232 output
PocketPal SM-12 B&W Densitometer
SL-2 SpeedLight Duo-Color Sensitometer
PT-11 Penetrometer 11-Step Aluminum Step wedge
Revolving Darkroom Doors

** Please note: All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Speedmaster® SM-10T Digital Transmission Densitometer (B&W) Cat.# 5009

Speedmaster® SM-10TCI Digital Transmission Densitometer with RS-232 output (B&W) Cat.# 5008

Economical -- Portable -- Battery-Powered

ESECO Speedmaster SM-10T Digital Transmission Densitometer

SM-10T / $1,395.00
SM-10TCI / $1,695.00

The Speedmaster® SM-10T and SM-10TCI Digital Transmission Densitometers are designed to meet the need for an accurate and affordably priced instrument to measure any medical x-ray, mammography, NDT x-ray, graphic arts, photographic film or processor control test films. The benefit of over 46 years of ESECO's experience in designing and building reliable quality instruments has been applied to the portable SM-10T and SM-10TCI.

The proprietary technology employed assures instant, accurate and repeatable results that rivals the same high standards of more expensive units. Featuring total accuracy of +/- .02 from 0.00 to 5.00 Optical Density and compliant with ANSI Standard 5/2-1985 / NBS Standard 1009 - Reference Material ID 057901

Low power consuming components and extended battery life feature are provided in the automatic "stand-by" mode. For added convenience, it may be operated with the UL/CSA-approved plug in a/c power adapter furnished with the Speedmaster SM-10T and SM-10TCI.

The rugged durability, minimal drift and no warm up time provide fast dependable readings. To illuminate the reading stage, just depress and release the sensor probe. Then simply position the film to be measured over the target aperture and depress the sensor probe. The large E-Z read digital meter instantly displays the reading. It will return to the energy saving "stand-by" mode automatically.

Backed by ESECO's established ONE YEAR "NO HASSLE" WARRANTY makes the Speedmaster SM-10T and SM-10TCI the ideal cost-effective choice for film processing quality assurance.

  • Measuring Length (throat) 7.25" (18.4cm)
  • Measuring Range 0.00 to 5.00 D
  • Accuracy ± 0.02 D / Repeatability ± 0.01 D
  • No Warm-up Time
  • Portable Power Source (2) 9-volt Alkaline Batteries (Included)
  • Stationary Power A/C Wall Plug-in Power Supply
  • Weight 2.5 Lbs. / 1.2 kg
  • Dimensions Height: 4.5 Inches (11.4 cm) / Width: 4.5 Inches (11.4 cm) Length: 11 Inches / (28 cm)

* Meets ISO / ANSI Standard - 5/2-1985 / NBS Standard 1009 - Reference Material ID 057901

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Speedmaster® "PocketPal" SM-12 (B&W), Cat.# 5012

Speedmaster Pocket Pal SM-12 portable densitometerEconomical -- Portable -- Battery-Powered

SM-12 / $825.00

The Speedmaster "Pocket Pal" SM-12 has been designed to meet industry's needs for a small portable densitometer. With a range of 0 to 4.00D, the "Pocket Pal" provides a quick and effective method to verify that your B&W or x-ray film processor meets all quality control requirements. No separate light source is required, just insert the film, align the area to be read, and press a button.

The SM-12 has alignment marks for easy film positioning. Exposed and processed control film should have a density patch at least 0.2" (5mm) wide to avoid critical alignment. The push button switch "wakes up" the PocketPal with a stable reading in 1 second. The digital display indicates density values from 0.00D to 4.00D in 0.01 increments. SM-12 readings are calibrated for films with silver emulsions. Convenient nylon protective carrying case is optional.

* Convenient Pocket Size (4.5"×2.5"×1.15" or 114.3mm×65.5mm×29.2mm; Weight 5.9 oz. or 167.2 grams)
* Portable Battery Operation (9 volt Alkaline Battery Included)
* Digital Display of Film Densities
* Reliable Accuracy
* Consistent Reading Results
* Push Button for Instant Readings
* Internal Light Source
* Low Battery Indicator
* Temperature Stabilized Readings
* High Density and Low Density Calibration
* One Year Warranty (battery excluded)

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Sensitometer "Speedlight" SL-2 (B&W), Cat.# 5010

Speedmaster Pocket Pal SM-14 portable densitometerEconomical -- Portable -- Battery-Powered

SL-2 / $825.00

The SpeedLight SL-2 is the smallest, easiest to use, and most reliable sensitometer available for critical quality control of modern x-ray processing systems. Green and blue sensitive films are pre-calibrated in the SpeedLight sensitometer for precise density exposures. The system operation is simple: (1) select green or blue to match the film; (2) raise the platen and insert the film up to the film stop; (3) close the platen and push the "Expose" button; (4) remove the film after the tone (typically 0.5 sec.); (5) process the film; (6) read control step with densitometer; (7) compare to reference density and take processor action if necessary. The ideal companion for the SpeedLight SL-2 sensitometer is the PocketPal SM-12 densitometer. The SL-2 exposes easy-to-read numbers and marks that align perfectly with the SM-12 for quick and accurate measurements.

* Controls X-Ray Processing
* Delivers Health-Care Reliability
* New Green and Blue LED Technology
* Low-Power Battery Operation (9 volt Alkaline Battery Included)
* Thousands of Exposures per Battery
* Low Battery Indicator
* The Smallest Size Available (fits in your pocket; 12 oz. or 340 gr)
* Exposes 20 Precision Density Steps
* Exposes Sharp Numbers and Alignment Marks
* Perfect Mate to the Popular SM-12 Densitometer
* One Year Warranty (battery excluded)

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Speedmaster® PT-11 Penetrometer Cat.# 5001

Speedmaster®  PT-11 Penetrometer

PT-11 / $135.00

* Fog Testing
* mAs Linearity
* Contrast versus kVp
* Film Comparison
* Screen Comparison

The Speedmaster PT-11 Penetrometer is an 11-Step wedge made of high quality aluminum type 2024. It is used in quality assurance for medical x-ray and NDT applications.

It features 3/16th inch recessed lead step identification numerals that will stay in place. The type 2024 aluminum ensures uniform penetration densities across the entire width of the material.

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