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Electronic Systems Engineering Company, Inc.
Engineering, Manufacturing, and Marketing the following products . . .
Image Production Systems, Digital Printing Engines, Multi-Image Printers, Vertical Enlargers, Horizontal Enlargers, Automatic Enlargers,
Computerized Light Sources, Roll Paper Easels, Color Analyzers, Projection Analyzers, Color Translators, Photometers, Transmission
Densitometers, Reflection Densitometers, Bio-Tech Densitometers, QC Densitometer Systems, X-Ray Densitometers, Scanning Densitometers,
Portable Densitometers, OEM Densitometers, Dual Color Sensitometers, Penetrometers, Quality Control Software, Revolving Darkroom
ABS & Metal Doors, Pass-Through Specimen & Cassette Windows, Film Processors, Paper Processors, Dip & Dunk Processors.

Trade/Register Marks include but not limited to ESECO, Speedmaster, Speedmatic, Digimatic, Compumaster, Compucolor, Spotalyzer, Scanalyzer.
ESECO Products covered by patents that may include but not limited to 5,844,663, 6,292,251

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QC Pal Brochure (pdf)
Download demo of QC Pal (setup.exe)
QC Pal User's Manual (MS Word doc)
Home   About Us   Contact Us   Photographic   Doors   NDT   Medical   Downloads  Software  Site Map
We have quality control software for radiology and mammography.
Features of QC PAL include:
* Readings directly from densitometer
                *NEW* includes driver to accept readings
                 from scanning or strip reading densitometers
* Plots on screen and printer
* User defined plot names and limits
* No extra charge for multiple processors
* Diagnostics for out-of-control plots
* Provides tools to help meet ACR MQSA and JCAHO requirements
*    Schedule tasks
*    Repeat analysis